Yeah, but does she have TiVo?

The always entertaining Tuesday Morning Quarterback goes off on a tangent about pickup lines, noting that “Hi” and “Would you like another beer” work over 90% of the time on women at the University of Louisiana. He then speculates on lines women could use to pick up men:

But should DirecTV be part of any female pickup strategy? Reader Jack reports that on a recent episode of Boston Public, former Star Trek mega-babe Jeri Ryan-freed from the prissy Trek realm and now specializing in gratuitous cheesecake scenes-tried to pick up another character with the line, “I have a great body and a satellite dish.” TMQ guesses that 100 percent of heterosexual males, including Thomas Merton and Thich Nhat Hanh, including all men on their wedding days with their brides standing at their sides, if offered Jeri Ryan’s body would immediately agree. The question is, what would happen once you got back to Ryan’s apartment and were forced to choose between her bod and the satellite dish? There might be some really good games on.

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