Reality game show death match!

Two new game shows on ABC and Fox battle it out in court over who had the idea first. Apparently, both shows require contestants to answer questions under extreme conditions, like 150 degree heat and high winds. That sort of makes them a “Who Wants to Survive the Fear Factor to Become a Millionaire?” kind of thing. Add in John McEnroe as the ABC show’s bitchy host and you’ve got a “Weakest Link” tie-in. If I’m Fox and I want to differentiate my show, I’d make one of the adverse conditions be answering questions while getting a lapdance from busty bikini babes, so as to tie in with “Temptation Island”. Or maybe make the penalty for answering a question wrong be marriage to Rick Rockwell or Darva Conger. Hey, it’s not like Fox would be violating their standards, right?

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