Left Turn

According to this annual survey, incoming college freshmen are more liberal than any time since 1975. As a college student from the Reagan years, in which the joke on campus was that our boomer-era profs were more liberal than the students, I am generally heartened by this. Of course, if this really means that more students are on the anti-globalization, blame-the-US-for-everything fringe, then it’s not so good. The numbers mentioned in this article are too vague to draw any firm conclusions. Besides, nowadays “liberal” and “conservative” are too broad. I’m a liberal who’s for free trade, against hate crime and hate speech laws, and in favor of the death penalty with certain reservations. Does this make me a moderate, a traitor to the cause, or just confused? I don’t know, but I bet I wouldn’t be considered “liberal” by this survey.

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