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Friday random ten: Millennium nostalgia

My inspiration this week is this Grantland playlist of the Top 64 Songs Of The Millennium. I presumed it was a decade retrospective thing, thus defined as the years 2000-2010, but it turns out that they just meant “since 2000”. I don’t have enough of these songs, including covers and parodies, to add up to ten – what can I say, I’m just not that into hip-hop – so I combed my library for ten of my top-rated songs from the last decade:

1. Hurricane Season – Trombone Shorty (2010)
2. Hurt Feelings – Flight Of The Conchords (2009)
3. How Long Do I Have To Wait For You? – Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings (2008)
4. LDN – Lily Allen (2007)
5. Texican Style – Los Lonely Boys (2006)
6. Rehab – Amy Winehouse (2006)
7. Someday You Will Be Loved – Death Cab For Cutie (2005)
8. Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day (2004)
9. Hurt – Johnny Cash (2002)
10. Sell Out – Reel Big Fish (2001)

I tried where possible to avoid covers (the Johnny Cash masterpiece “Hurt” excluded), re-recordings (thanks to Popdose I have a ton of KCBO studio cuts, which are awesome but not at all indicative of the decade), live performances, local bands, and anything for which the year listed in iTunes was sketchy. I couldn’t find anything matching these criteria for 2000 or 2003, so I doubled up on 2006 to fill the gap. As it happens, “Rehab” is the one song from their list that I have and am responsible for in my library. I have four other non-covers that are there because Olivia asked for them – “Teenage Dream”, Katy Perry; “Bad Romance”, Lady GaGa; “Call Me Maybe”, Carly Rae Jepsen; and “We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together”, Taylor Swift. I’ll add that Olivia has made a Taylor Swift fan out of me, but that song was from 2012 so I wasn’t looking for it. Anyway, I think this is a reasonably accessible list, not too cheesy and not too snooty. What are your faves since Y2K? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    If I just sort my iTunes library by album release date then I probably have 1,000 songs that fit the criteria, if not more. Trying to select 10 from all those? No thank you.

    Or did you do it some other way?

  2. Linkmeister – I’ve got all my songs star-rated, so I sorted by date, then just looked for four- and five-star songs as I scrolled. Made it a lot more manageable.

  3. Linkmeister says:

    Oh lord. Actually rate/rank each song? I feel faint! 😉