Interview with Brenda Stardig

Brenda Stardig

Brenda Stardig

My last candidate interview for District A is a fitting bookend for the first one. Brenda Stardig was elected to District A in 2009, leading the pack in November and cruising in the subsequent runoff. It’s fair to say that her two years in office were tumultuous. Some people didn’t like the political choices she made, such as supporting the Renew Houston proposition, others didn’t think she was sufficiently engaged in the district and with her constituents. Previous Council Member Toni Lawrence, who had backed Stardig in 2009, switched her allegiance to challenger Helena Brown in 2011. It all added up to her defeat at the hands of CM Brown in the 2011 runoffs. It is also fair to say that CM Brown’s time in office has been tumultuous, and so Stardig, a realtor and former Super Neighborhood president, is back to try to get a second chance in office. Here’s the interview I did with Stardig in 2009, and here’s the interview for this year:

Brenda Stardig interview

You can see all of my interviews as well as finance reports and other information on candidates on my 2013 Election page.

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7 Responses to Interview with Brenda Stardig

  1. Carl Whitmarsh says:

    Everyday I thank the good redistricting fairy for moving me out of District A. After being represented over the past 30 years by the likes of Larry McKaskle, Helen Huey, Bruce Tatro, Toni Lawrence and finally Brenda Stardig, it was a godsend to be moved into District C and get the chance to vote for and be represented by Ellen Cohen. All of that being said, the district now is profoundly more conservative without those areas moved to C and in a low turnout election, they got what they deserved in Helena Brown. Hell, I imagine outside some activists, most of the voters in District A don’t know who their council person is because outside of Helen Huey, none of the former councilmembers – which the residents as a whole should pray soon includes one Ms. Brown – accomplished anything for the area except advancing their own narrow personal agendas. Brenda Stardig was the handpicked successor of Toni Lawrence and when she showed some independence and didn’t jump when the puppet strings were pulled, Lawrence and her blind political ambition went out and backed Brown to the fullest…and this is what you have.

    Start with the premise this is a profoundly conservative and Republican district – though it has a high number of Hispanics and with time could change – Brenda Stardig, who was not an automatic no vote – may be the best choice for progressives and Democrats. There may be someone else, but as of today, the district in essence has no representative in Brown and here quirky and almost total No votes on everything and lack of agenda for the district or any solid achievements she can point to. I surely wouldn’t count on a re elected Mayor Parker to reach out to help Brown in any manner – so once again, you are left with Brenda Stardig, a badly tarnished figure, but one who on occasion could see past her masters and didn’t automatically cast a No vote or speak against everything all of her collegues sought.

    Again, thank God for the redistricting fairy who delivered me from the likes of Helena Brown and Toni Lwrence and gave me Ellen Cohen.

  2. Rectitude says:

    Interesting to hear what all she actually accomplished while the District A Council Member – sounds like she really did something and it was just not talk. Lots of “promises” from others but she seems to be the only one who actually has a record of doing something for District A. Going to be an interesting election!

  3. The Dude says:

    Brenda is being a bit dishonest when it comes to the ticket writing. Do you want to know why these tickets aren’t followed up on? Because police officers don’t show up to Court – that’s why.

  4. Spike says:

    The elephant in the room is the fact that very few District A residents bother to vote. I seem to remember that only 7% (please correct me if I’m wrong) went to the polls for the runoff election between Stardig and Brown. This low voter turnout makes it possible for all sorts of undesirable special interest group candidates to win this city council seat.

  5. rectitude says:

    Everything our present non-representative council member voted “for” were works started by previous real council member representatives. More District A issues brought up by Stardig in the first three months than our non-representative member has brought her entire term.

    Stardig lead the way for tearing down derelict apartments torn down, streets rebuilt with curbs, gutters and improved drainage; parks cleaned up and improved – THIS ALL has stopped with our current non-representative. District A has lost two years or more in progress thanks to our non-representative.

    It is sad that our non-partisan city council seat has been made entirely partisan at the expense of District A as our non-representative is more concerned about turning down grants, global warming and voting against ALL Houston Police and Fire Department improvements while neglecting District A. Our non-rep is great at facade, but, as the record shows, a total non-entity for District A

    I think it is time to focus on what was DONE for District A by Stardig rather than listening to non substantiated promises or to our current non-representative take credit for things she had absolutely NOTHING to do with.

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  7. Jake says:

    don’t be fooled by Brenda. in my opinion She did everything to hurt my neighborhood by getting close to engineering firms and the result was increased flooding in our neighborhood. previously, She was also a TIRZ board member and did nothing to help us. Also she was not responsive and accessible to constituents as CM. When we came down to council to speak she ignored us. CM Brown has helped us and appointed TIRZ board members more receptive to our area. We are now getting detention and other things

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