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Trying to understand Amy

Last night Tiffany and I watched Judging Amy, the Amy Brennerman vehicle on CBS. T has seen a few eps, but I’d never watched it. It wasn’t bad – decent writing, good cast, and Tyne Daly’s a hoot – but I was scratching my head at the ending.

Amy spends the episode in a funk, partly because the guy she most recently went out with (and apparently slept with, though this wasn’t clear) hadn’t called for four days. She mopes and makes with the man-hating and then at the end of the episode (and two more days have passed) she gets a large bouquet of roses from this guy. Reading the card makes her very happy.

Are you kidding me? Sending flowers after being completely incommunicado for six days isn’t sweet and romantic, it’s manipulative. Other than being comatose, what could this guy have been doing that he couldn’t pick up a phone and say “Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I had a really good time and I want to see you again”? There’s a word for people who fall for this sort of thing: Sucker.

I did a lot of stupid, pathetic things when I was single, so maybe this is just too close to home for me. Still, I don’t understand it. If I were Amy, I’d sure like to know what he’d been up to and why he thought this was better than just calling after a day or so.

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  1. jo ann wilson says:

    what is with her clothes??? They don’t fit, toooo tight, toooo short, etc. Also outfit on the Ellen show was totally inappropriate. Get a hair and clothes stylist. Love your show; BUT the outfits, etc have got to go.

  2. Darlene says:

    Your show is dynamite,but get decent clothes that fit.