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Chron overview of Controller’s race

It’s an interesting race.

City Controller Ronald Green

City Controller Ronald Green

On paper, City Controller Ron Green would appear to have been ripe for a bevy of challengers in November.

The city’s elected financial watchdog owes tens of thousands of dollars to the IRS, was criticized for lavish spending while on trips for city business and has publicized ties to a known felon.

Yet, those issues have hardly been discussed by his sole opponent, Bill Frazer, during Green’s campaign for a third and final term.

Instead, the two men have debated qualifications. Frazer, a first-time candidate for any office, argues that despite four years in office, Green does not have the financial background to do the job.

“I don’t think it’s going to do me any good to drag that up now,” Frazer said of Green’s previously publicized troubles. “I think it will take focus off the race. I’m more focused in on what needs to get done.”

Green contends his personal finances and the other issues raised during his first two terms are irrelevant, saying he already has addressed the concerns publicly and is making payments to the IRS.

“I’m proud of the fact that someone else with financial knowledge is even interested in the office, because I do believe it is a very valuable office,” Green said.

My interview with Controller Ronald Green is here, and with Bill Frazer is here. Both also did Texpatriate Q&As, here and here. The Chron endorsed Frazer. As I’ve said, I think this race is Green’s to lose – Frazer has run a creditable race, but I don’t think he’s well known enough to win. What are your thoughts? If you support Frazer, have you voted for Green in the past? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. Mainstream says:

    I blocked walked for Frazer today, probably voted for Green sometime in the past when he was on council, but my observation is that I am seeing the least interest in an election in decades. The fewest yard signs. The least attention to who the candidates are. General malaise among my usual helpers in the neighborhood, few of whom are interested in making calls or walking door to door this cycle.

    Some of that may be because my district councilmember is not contested, but I think broader trends (no one takes the Houston Chronicle anymore on my block, for example) are at work.

  2. CC says:

    I didn’t even know City Comptroller was going to be on the ballet until I was in the voting booth. I thought I had done my research but I guess not.