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Friday random ten – Olivia’s year in music

Olivia’s now been an iPod owner for more than a year, and last year she got a bunch of iTunes money that she still hasn’t fully spent. Here’s a sample of the songs she has added to her collection in 2013.

1. Applause – Lady GaGa
2. Come & Get It – Selena Gomez
3. Eat It – Weird Al Yankovic
4. Don’t Stop The Music – The Treblemakers
5. Cups – Anna Kendrick
6. Roar – Katy Perry
7. She’s So Mean – Matchbox Twenty
8. Gold – Britt Nicole
9. Good Girl – Carrie Underwood
10. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Perry and GaGa are two of Olivia’s favorite artists. “Eat It” was added after a friend showed her the video, which she thought was hilarious. “Don’t Stop The Music” and “Cups” are both from the movie “Pitch Perfect”, which again she saw via a friend; I think she may have seen that movie at a sleepover birthday party. Anyway, there’s a scene in the movie that involves a singer barfing, which she also thought was hilarious. Nine-year-olds, what are you gonna do? “She’s So Mean” was playing on the radio as I was driving her somewhere. She asked me what the name of the song was, and since I didn’t know I handed her my cellphone, gave her the call-in number for KACC, and told her to ask the DJ. That’s another great thing about that station – you can almost always get through to the DJ to ask those questions. And now you know what The Kids These Days are listening to. In February, Audrey will be getting my mom’s old iPod as a hand-me-down, so we’ll see what kind of music she asks me to get for her. So far her tastes overlap Olivia’s pretty closely, but this will be her chance to break out. I’m sure I’ll have a report on this at a later date.

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One Comment

  1. Michael says:

    You should get Soundhound or Shazam. She’ll be able to ID songs from any source (sometimes). Gotta admit, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to call the DJ.