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Friday random ten: Baby, you can drive my car

Or you could, if it hadn’t been clobbered by a pickup truck coming the other direction and drifting into my lane while I was waiting at a stoplight last weekend. So in memory of my old minivan, whose fate is still in the hands of the insurance adjusters, here are ten car songs.

1. Car And Driver – Bill Morrissey
2. The Car Hank Died In – Austin Lounge Lizards
3. Car Train – The Jazz Jury
4. Car Wash – Rose Royce
5. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
6. Electric Car – They Might Be Giants
7. Fancy Car – The Honeycutters
8. Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
9. In The Car – Barenaked Ladies
10. Race Car Ya-Yas – CAKE

Wish me luck with the bureaucracy and paperwork. Not being at fault doesn’t mitigate the annoyance.

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