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Some Republican candidates are still embracing Ted Nugent

Why not? He’s an excellent representative of and for them.

Sid Miller

Sid Miller, a Republican candidate for agriculture commissioner, won’t oust rocker Ted Nugent as his campaign treasurer over controversial remarks made about President Barack Obama and other officials, the Longview Republican said Monday.

Nugent, who’s been with the Miller campaign since October, came under fire last week while touring with Attorney General Greg Abbott’s gubernatorial campaign for called Obama a “subhuman mongrel” among other controversial statements and behaviors.

Nugent apologized Friday for his remarks about the president during an interview with Ben Ferguson, a conservative radio host and CNN commentator.

“He’s used words that I wouldn’t use,” Miller said. “He has a very colorful vocabulary. He recanted some remarks that he made about the president, so I think that everything’s good.”

Miller acknowledged that Nugent’s comments were controversial, but said he also does charitable work with Hunters for the Hungry and the Wounded Warrior Project that goes unnoticed.

“Nobody seems to talk about the good the man does,” Miller said.

Hey, if Greg Abbott has no regrets about embracing Ted Nugent, then why should Sid Miller have any? If Greg Abbott thinks it’s OK to be “blood brothers” with a sexual predator, why shouldn’t Sid Miller? If Greg Abbott thinks Ted Nugent’s half-assed “apology” late last week is a sign of genuine contrition and a promise to never do that sort of thing again, why shouldn’t Sid Miller? Why shouldn’t Sid Miller follow Greg Abbott‘s lead?

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