Citizens vs. the Katy Freeway expansion

The Katy Corridor Coalition has taken its first steps towards challenging the proposed widening of I-10 west of Loop 610. The notice, which you can read here, focuses on the lack of any high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, which allegedly violates the federally-approved clean air plan for Houston. There are plenty of other concerns, such as noise, flood control, and the need for rail, but this is a good place to start

Naturally, the cronies who pushed through this plan pooh-pooh the opposition:

County Commissioner Steve Radack, in whose precinct the freeway lies, called it “a shame that a few people would get together and conspire to inconvenience hundreds of thousands of people because of their own selfish beliefs.”

Funny, I was thinking exactly the same thing. I have a proposal for you, Steve: Let’s use the patented Tom DeLay Transportation Solution and vote on this. If it’s good enough for light rail, it’s good enough for the Katy Freeway.

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  1. Joy Badger says:

    Hi Charles,
    I live in the Memorial/Kirkwood area and am considering buying another house in the area. Had not heard much about the Katy Freeway Expansion lately so I called Bert Keller’s office to see what was happening. They referred me to the “Katy” website and was also told about the Katy Corridor Coalition. Are they still actively trying to thwart the expansion? Has any progress been made? I looked for their website and found you. Do you have any info to share? – Joy Badger

    and was told about the Katy Corridor Coalition.

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