Lite guv race remains tight

The race for Lieutenant Governor, which is where the real power resides in Texas, remains a tight one. This article is a fairly standard overview of the race, with a bit more emphasis on Democrat John Sharp. What excited me was this bit:

Most polls show the candidates neck-and-neck, but by the end of June, [Republican candidate David] Dewhurst had already spent $11.3 million to Sharp’s $1.3 million. Dewhurst, tapping into his personal wealth, has appeared in campaign television advertisements for more than a year, while Sharp has yet to hit the televised airwaves. When he does, expect to see baseball pitching legend Nolan Ryan, a Republican who backed President George W. Bush and Gov. Rick Perry, this time touting a Democrat.

Cool. Sharp hasn’t announced this on his web page as yet, but I daresay we’ll be hearing plenty about it in the very near future.

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2 Responses to Lite guv race remains tight

  1. greg says:

    Actually, John Sharp has announced that he and Nolan will practically be tied at the hip this fall.

  2. You are quite right. Thanks very much!

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