Isidore hits New Orleans

Tropical Storm Isidore, which still packed a pretty big punch despite never working its way back up to Hurricane status – made landfall in Louisiana, dumping more than 10 inches of rain and knocking out power for thousands of people.

Never let it be said, though, that the folks in Louisiana don’t know how to handle stressful times like this:

Two days of steady downpours had already left 10- 12-inch accumulations on some New Orleans streets, and the French Quarter, usually aglitter all night, was empty with many bar fronts boarded up before midnight. One of the open bars was Molly’s at the Market, where about a dozen people holed up against the rain.

“It’s all hardcore locals — the people you knew would be here,” said bartender Jolie Meaux. “The owner specifically said we don’t close — ever — unless they make us. Better to be stuck in a bar than at home watching TV.”

I’ll drink to that.

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