Dude, where’s my biscuits?

A KFC employee has been arrested after giving a customer a bag of marijuana as a side dish to his order. I am, as they say, Not Making This Up:

The customer who visited a KFC in this San Francisco suburb Friday got two bags of marijuana, instead of the extra biscuits he had ordered. He gave the pot back to the worker, got his biscuits and called police.

Police arrested Carlos Ayala, 26, at the restaurant. The sheriff’s office and the restaurant’s management company did not immediately return calls Tuesday seeking further detail.


Ayala often worked the drive-up window, and authorities say he may have been selling marijuana to customers who used the right secret word as a code.

So here’s a question: If you had been the customer in question, would you have called the police?

While you’re pondering that, go visit William Burton, who’s been having a good debate on the decriminalization issue here, here, and here.

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3 Responses to Dude, where’s my biscuits?

  1. AMendoza says:

    Many of my friends would have considered this divine providence or something. I probably would have laughed my ass off, give the guy his weed back, and warned him to not be so stupid in the future.

  2. Yeah, but would you expect a stoner to remember that advice? “Uh, let’s see, that guy told me something, um, oh yeah, it was something about keeping track of my stash…”

  3. 2 says:

    he may have been selling? I think it is entirely more likely that he was stashing his stuff right out in the open and accidentally filled the bag with his stash in it with food… I do not think that simply accidentally placing your stash in someones bag constitutes dealing especially if the customer did not give him a lot more money than the order was worth. But let us be realistic the police are going to ruin his life over posession(plus intent to sell and maybe conspiracy) of an illegal plant(herb) and he will probably spend the next five years in jail. He would probably have a lighter sentence if he had raped someone..

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