Bush upside-down book photo a fake

Scott alerts me to this debunking of the Bush-holding-a-book-upside-down photo. I’m convinced, and I’m not surprised. It’s too easy to fake photos, and in retrospect, there was never a URL to a news story attached to that picture.

Just one thought to my right-leaning friends out there: If six months or a year from now you come across some sap who links to or forwards this picture (whether out of genuine ignorance or willful dishonesty), understand that whatever you think of him or her is what we liberals think of people who propagate long-discredited lies about Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Especially paid pundits.

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2 Responses to Bush upside-down book photo a fake

  1. Let me say this:

    a) the GWB foto was funny, even to a redneck like me. That’s just part of the “all in good fun” nature of partisan politics. Funny is funny – comedy has no political affiliation.

    b) That pundit crap goes in one ear and out the other with me, most of the time. When I don’t let it out the other ear, I’m usually shown for a fool pretty quickly. Especially if I make a public comment on it. That’s one reason I don’t get all worked up about the O’Dowds and Limbaughs and fill-in-the-blanks of the world.

    Now go look at Mike’s photo evidence, linked off my blog. It’s genius…

  2. You’re right. This picture is firmly in the wish-I’d-thought-of-that category. Very funny.

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