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Vote early and often

I voted yesterday, making it to the polling place a few minutes before they were scheduled to shut down at 4:30. There were a few other voters there, including one that I overheard who had not used the eSlate machines before but seemed to like them. I didn’t quite go straight Dem – Jack Cato, the Republican county treasurer is an acquaintance of mine, so I generally vote for him. There was a minor constitutional amendment (our state constitution covers all sorts of esoterica) and an HISD school bond issue, both of which I voted for.

Tiffany voted today and reported a decent sized crowd – she was on line for about 15 minutes. The early voting site is a “multipurpose metropolitan center” with a fairly tiny parking lot. Usually, I just park across the street in the lot for a large and mostly underused strip center. Tiffany and others had to park there and cross the street in the rain because over a dozen canvassing candidates had camped out in the center’s lot. She was pretty cheesed about it. The security guard at the center chased a few of them off, but it didn’t make much difference.

It’s been rainy and miserable all week, so the fact that early turnout has been strong is a good sign. Stay tuned.

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