For better or for worse, but not for much longer

Lynn Johnston will retire her comic strip For Better Or For Worse sometime in the next five years.

Johnston believes that her retirement will come at a good time as the lives of her characters are coming full circle. April, for instance will be going off to university by the time the strip ends. Elizabeth, the middle child, will be off to the work force. And Michael, the oldest child, is soon to be a parent with his wife Deanna.

“You know, she’s (April) growing up too fast. It’s really too bad. But Michael is going to have a baby sometime in October, and that’s going to rejuvenate my interest a little bit, and bring the strip back to family and little kids again, which is going to be a lot of fun,” Johnston said.

“Michael’s family will be the same age as he and Elizabeth were when they first started the strip. So it will be a full cycle of the family and I think it’s a good time to wrap it up,” she added.

Reading between the lines, I suspect there’ll be another baby in Michael and Deanna’s future. Link via Mark Evanier.

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2 Responses to For better or for worse, but not for much longer

  1. Arlene Shadbolt says:

    Hello Lynn,I have been waiting a very long time to get a computer just so I could look you and the Pattersons up.I have enjoyed your comic strip very much over the years and sad that it will eventually come to an end.You made me sad,laugh,smile, giggle,cry,pout and hit me right in the heart with your adorable family. Thank you for that.Many years ago it was amazing to see the SHADBOLT name in the strip,John was working on a patient’s teeth and Elly was helping him.I love your web that I have found you I will be checking every day. I was distressed to hear that you are not to well Dystonia is quite a mouthful to say but I hope you are copeing well.
    For Better or for Worse is my all time favouite comic,thank you for that. Sincerely,
    Arlene Shadbolt.

  2. Bev Breakefield says:

    Hello Lynn. I enjoy you family. Today I was reading about Meredith’s birthday party. Here is the song, I think they forgot. Three hundred and sixtyfive days, seems like an aweful lot! But then before you know it another year is shot. So have a happy birthday, weather your naughty or good. We would like to wish a happy birthday to you. This was from an old 60’s TV program. It even had a bounching ball to keep the time.
    I enjoy your family, and look forward to seeing them in the funnies.

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