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Hard to imagine it getting any worse

In response to an ad that attempts to link him to the 1985 murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena, Tony Sanchez has called Governor Goodhair “the most disgusting human being I’ve ever known.”

In the ad, one of the DEA agents, Hector Berrellez, says, “We investigated that murder. The same drug dealers who killed Kiki laundered millions in drug money through Tony Sanchez’s bank.”

Berrellez was referring to the fact, which is a central theme in the governor’s race, that in the early 1980s money belonging to Mexican drug dealers was laundered through Sanchez’s Tesoro Savings & Loan in Laredo.

Sanchez has repeatedly denied knowing the money was tainted until told by federal authorities and nobody associated with the bank, which failed in 1988, has ever been charged.

The agents have said that they hold Sanchez and the leaders of other banks involved in money laundering indirectly responsible for Camarena’s death.

Man. Claiming that your opponent is complicit in a murder is pretty scummy. Clay Robison speculates about Goodhair’s motives:

If Perry has a comfortable lead over Sanchez, as recent independently conducted polls have indicated, why did he stoop to the new campaign low?

There was a suggestion that Perry is being vindictive, trying to get even with Sanchez for the Democrat’s barrage of ads hitting Perry — legitimately — over his campaign contributions from Enron and insurance companies and for trying to throw his weight around with a state trooper during a traffic stop.

If Perry is simply being vindictive, he also is stupidly running the risk that the new ad could backfire and turn some swing voters against him.

There also is the possibility that Perry knows his lead isn’t as solid as the public polls indicate and is trying to rally conservative voters and reinforce lingering questions about Sanchez’s background.

Neither reason — nor any other — is an acceptable excuse.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Goodhair is worried about turnout and is running this ad to depress it. Given that Camarena and at least one of the agents quoted in the ad are Hispanic, it sure feels to me like he’s worried about those voters. If so, I really hope it backfires on him.

Of course, if you’re just tired of all the bickering, there is now another choice.

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