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Friday random ten: Revisiting the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs list, part 7

Here’s their list.

1. Dancing Barefoot – U2 (orig. Patti Smith, #331)
2. Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd (#324)
3. Alison – Tufts Beelzebubs (orig. Elvis Costello, #323)
4. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – Elivs Costello/Santa Esmerelda (orig. The Animals, #322)
5. I Put A Spell On You – Creedence Clearwater Revival/Pete Townshend (orig. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, #320)
6. Wake Up, Little Susie – Simon and Garfunkel (orig. The Everly Brothers, #318)
7. What’s Love Got To Do With It? – Tina Turner (#316)
8. With A Little Help From My Friends – Big Daddy (orig. The Beatles, #311)
9. Like A Prayer – Madonna (#306)
10. Heart Of Gold – Neil Young (#303; also a cover by Johnny Cash)

Song I used to have but don’t any more: “Comfortably Numb”, Pink Floyd (#321). Again, I once had “The Wall” on casette. That was a long time ago.
Song I don’t have but should, part 1: “Iron Man”, Black Sabbath (#317). To remind me that I didn’t waste nearly enough of my youth on heavy metal.
Song I don’t have but should, part 2: “One Way Or Another”, Blondie (#305). Am I the only one who sometimes thinks this is a Pretenders song? Because it would have worked well as a Pretenders song.

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