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I cancelled team practice today because of the nasty weather today. We’ll try again on Thursday. I’m going to try to find an indoor batting cage that we can use as a backup in case the weather doesn’t cooperate then.

We’re back down to 11 players. Nia, the one girl on the team, decided to play in a YMCA league instead. She’ll be with smaller kids who are also fairly new to playing baseball, which is a better fit for her. Having 11 kids will make it easier to ensure everyone plays, but it means we have less slack if there are no-shows. I don’t know what the forfeit rule is, and I hope I don’t have to find out.

I’ve gotten some feedback from parents that the kids are excited about playing. I’m glad I made a good first impression. I hope to build on their enthusiasm.

I’m supposed to pick up some candy from a league volunteer tomorrow. Apparently, candy sales are part of how the league pays for itself. A couple of the parents are signed up to do the selling, which is fine by me because that’s something I’ve never been comfortable with. Better anyone else than me.

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