Obama appeals immigration order ruling to SCOTUS

As expected.


The Obama administration on Friday asked the United States Supreme Court to review a federal appellate court’s ruling that struck down the president’s controversial immigration program.

The request comes exactly one year after the program, called Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, or DAPA, was announced by the president. It would have allowed more than 4 million undocumented immigrants nationwide to apply for three-year renewable work permits and reprieves from deportation proceedings.

The petition — which the Obama administration said earlier this month it planned to file — states the case “warrants immediate review” and echoes the sense of urgency advocates of the program have expressed for months. If the high court decides to review the case, a ruling could come as late as June, roughly six months before Obama leaves the White House.

See here for the background. It’s hard to imagine SCOTUS not wanting to take this, it’s mostly a question of whether they take it for the next session, so as to have a ruling before the next Presidential election. That’s what I’m hoping for. Not much more to say at this point beyond that. A statement from the Texas Organizing Project is beneath the fold, and Daily Kos has more.

TOP on DAPA/DACA case: “We will prevail, and we will remember who was against our progress.”

The following is a statement from Danny Cendejas, TOP’s immigration campaign field director, on the Department of Justice filing an appeal today with the Supreme Court in Texas vs United States:

“We’re very pleased that the Department of Justice acted swiftly to file this appeal, and are hopeful that the Supreme Court will consider the case during this term, and lift the injunction.

“More than 5 million American lives depend on the Supreme Court’s decision. Life as an undocumented person in the US is full of hardship and sacrifice. No one deserves to live in the shadows, fearful of sudden deportation and separation from loved ones. No one deserves to work in the shadows, vulnerable to exploitation and unsafe working conditions.

“It’s unconscionable that Gov. Abbott, with his lawsuit to stop the President’s executive actions, would put politics ahead of the well being of so many Americans, and that he would deny even to meet with the families affected by his decision, to see their faces, to hear their stories.

“But Gov. Abbott won’t have the last word on this case. That belongs to the Supreme Court. And it’s established by precedent that the President acted lawfully on signing the executive actions. We will prevail, and we will remember who was against our progress.”

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4 Responses to Obama appeals immigration order ruling to SCOTUS

  1. Bill Daniels says:

    Hopefully the SCOTUS stands down until President Trump takes office and has a chance to restore order and start repairing the damage of the last 15 years.

  2. Joe White says:

    It is entirely too difficult to become a citizen of this country, and our immigration processes are in need of a serious overhaul. That being said, President Obama’s actions here are patently unconstitutional, and he should be ashamed, as a “constitutional scholar”, of acting in this manner.

  3. Manuel Barrera says:

    Trump has much chance of becoming President as Bernie Sanders does. Anyone that would vote for a person who states whatever the people wants to hear is a voter in Iowa. What was it that Trump called them? Having said that Trump is probably the most moderate candidate running, not based on what he is saying now but what his actions were in the past.

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