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Saturday video break: I Idolize You

Back to the Ike and Tina songbook:

It’s always interesting listening to these songs and thinking about what their relationship was like. It doesn’t detract from the music because you can’t do that when Tina Turner is singing, but it does add some layers of complexity. Now here are Texas blues icons Marcia Ball, Lou Ann Barton, and Angela Strehli doing their version of this:

Ball, Barton, and Strehli collaborated on an album called “Dreams Come True”, which came out in 1990. It was one of my main entries to the world of Texas blues, and I wore it out. They covered several Ike and Tina songs, and did a few of their own works as well. I wish I could have found a live version of them doing this song, but I couldn’t. I did, however, find this video of their opening number, also an Ike and Tina song, and possibly my favorite tune on the CD:

Strehli is the blonde, who singe the first verse. Ball is the tall brunette in front of the keyboard, who sings the second verse. Barton is the shorter-haired brunette in the leather jacket, who does the opening bit and sings the third verse. The other woman, on the bass, is collaborator Sarah Brown. I’d have given my left pinky to have been at that show. Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did when I found it.

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