Paxton officially reindicted

The judge in AG Ken Paxton’s securities fraud case approved the amended indictments that were most recently filed against him.

Best mugshot ever

Best mugshot ever

The two first-degree felony indictments alleging securities fraud delete the amount of shares of Servergy Inc. stock that Paxton was to be compensated for. Evidence in the case has shown that Paxton received 100,000 shares total, not 100,000 shares in each case, so the amount was simply taken out of the indictments with this change.

On the third-degree felony charge alleging Paxton failed to register as a securities agent, the indictment is amended to include language that about rendering services “for compensation by advising James and Freddie Henry” and adding that the actions were on behalf of investment adviser Mowery Capital Management.

The amended indictment also adds language alleging that Paxton didn’t register “as required by the Texas State Securities Act” to make clear that the state law is at issue in this case, not federal law.

A second paragraph also added to the indictment through the amendment is identical to the first graph except for one word. It changes the word “advising” to “soliciting.”

This was the second set of amended indictments in this case. The defense offered no objections, which surely simplified matters. You can see the new charges at the link above. I’m still waiting for Team Paxton to announce that they’re appealing the ruling that denied their motions to quash.

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