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Weekend link dump for May 22

Apparently, John Stewart doesn’t think much of the coverage of this Presidential campaign.

“People who think that important legislation gets passed by presidents making opening bids far outside the expected negotiating space have no idea how presidential power works. (And, for that matter, have no idea how negotiating works. If the Mariners phone up the Angels and offer Mike Zunino for Mike Trout, that doesn’t mean that the Angels will then offer to accept Leonys Martin for Mike Trout; it means the Angels GM will stop taking your phone calls.)”

100 Naked Women Will Welcome Donald Trump to the Republican National Convention. Some guys get all the luck.

“Actually, as someone who saw Trump’s federal tax returns about a decade ago as part of a legal action in which he sued me for libel (the suit was later dismissed), I think there probably are some things to be learned from them.”

“Most of the right-wing culture war is a backlash against changes to the status quo pushed by liberals. And good for us for doing this. The culture war is one of our grandest achievements of the past half century.”

Donald Trump’s complex and often inappropriate relationships with women.

Captain America Civil War is an amazing super-hero movie. It is the model of how to have a large cast of characters in a film with action, humor, plot, and heart. The only thing it lacks is a Constitutional law. The gross civil rights violations are reason enough for Captain America to go rogue.” Beware, spoilers ahead.

Counterpoint: The Avengers should accept the Sokovia Accords.

This webcomic about Bart Simpson and Chris Griffin coming to terms with how growing up in abusive households has affected them is brilliant and disturbing.

RIP, Jane Little, musician’s musician with an impeccable sense of timing.

Lindsay Berra, Yogi’s granddaughter, eulogizes Joe Garagiola.

Bartolo Colon continues to be a national treasure. May he pitch till he’s 50.

“A series based on wonderfully weird 1984 cult science fiction classic The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension is likely coming to TV, courtesy of Kevin Smith, and we have The Flash to thank (or blame, depending on your point of view).”

RIP, Emilia Navaira, Grammy-winning Tejano musician.

RIP, Guy Clark, Texas singer/songwriter best known for “L.A. Freeway” and “Desperados Waiting For A Train”. See Texas Monthly for some personal remembrances.

Hey, remember when Mike Huckabee was a dedicated moral scold, admonishing everyone for what he considered to be bad behavior? Everyone except Donald Trump, of course.

Toronto: the Rodney Dangerfield of the NBA.

“The bottom line: You shouldn’t support Muslims’ right to practice our faith in safety because we are like you, or because you agree with us politically. You should support us because it’s our right to practice Islam in America without being threatened.”

You LinkedIn users might want to change your passwords again.

Watch out for those commas. They’re tricky.

“Venezuela is the answer to what would happen if an economically illiterate drug cartel took over a country.”

RIP, Morley Safer, longtime journalist and 60 Minutes correspondent.

RIP, John Berry, founding member of the Beastie Boys.

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