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Schlitterbahn in Galveston

Here’s some more good news.

Schlitterbahn announced plans Thursday to build a $28 million water-park resort in Galveston.

The family-owned, New Braunfels-based company plans to build the state-of-the-art park on 25 acres adjacent to Moody Gardens and the Lone Star Flight Museum on city-owned property that was once part of Scholes International Airport.

“We want to become the Club Med of family water parks,” Jeff Henry told Galveston City Council on Thursday. Henry is general manager of Schlitterbahn Beach on South Padre Island.


“There are 5 to 6 million people within two hours of here,” Henry said. “It’s a great market.”

Henry told the council that Schlitterbahn Galveston will be the world’s most advanced water park. He said his company has developed rides that push water uphill so visitors won’t have to leave their floating tubes to go from one water course to another.

More than twice as big as the park on South Padre Island, the Galveston park will be built around a man-made river almost a mile long. Visitors will be able to placidly drift down slow-moving streams or careen over white-water rapids.

There will be beaches with artificial surf and room for visitors to stretch out and catch some sun, he said.

Parts of the park will be covered with movable roofs, allowing the action to continue during rainy and cold weather, Henry said.

Henry said the company hopes to attract 400,000 to 450,000 visitors a year.

“There will be no environmental impact because we just don’t create any pollution,” Henry said.

The water used at the family’s New Braunfels park returns to the Comal River cleaner than it is when it is taken out to be used on the water rides, Henry said.

Sounds fine to me, though like Ginger I expect to remain loyal to the original New Braunfels location. If they sell a season pass that’s good at any of their parks, that’ll really rock.

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    Where’s Texas water come from? The Oglalla aquifer?

  2. Depends. The area around New Braunfels, in particular Austin and San Antonio, gets its drinking water from the Edwards Aquifer. I believe Houston gets its water from lakes, but could be wrong. There are a lot of rivers in Texas – the New Braunfels/Seguin area has the Comal and Guadaloupe Rivers running through it. I think only the Panhandle areas use the Oglalla.

  3. JimTXDem says:

    Thanks for keeping me updated on this, Charles.

    I am very excited about development in my hometown, particularly when it involves people other than Tilman Fertitta.

    The economic boost could be a major part of turning Galveston around. And hopefully the investment will help Galveston police and firefighters turn back town elite efforts to repeal their collective bargaining rights (after all, new city revenue means more money for everybody; and more tourists means more demand for police protection!).

    It might also mean less need for expensive boondoggles like parking meters on the Seawall.

    It’s too bad I’m back in Austin again; I was almost starting to get back in touch with Galveston city politics this summer…

    Have a nice Labor Day weekend Mr. Kuffner!

    ~ Jimbo @ BOR

  4. matt says:

    The waterpark currently sells season passes that are good in both New Braunfels and on South Padre Island (Schlitterbahn beach). I am in no position of real authority on this, but I assume that season passes will be sold that are good at all three parks.

  5. john says:

    Man this is great for the area. This will bring galveston back to a good tourist attraction. Many people will enjoy this very much. Thanks again Schlitterbahn for this commiment to the island.

  6. Belinda says:

    Great news! It will be great for the economy and our family will love it! (We have only heard how fun they are, never been to one)
    Hope Schlitterbahn sells (reasonable) season passes!

  7. john smith says:

    it was grand

  8. I’d like for you to put the Schlitterbahn(R) Water park in Galveston inside, all right? Please do this. Thanks. From H.M.F.


  9. I’d like for you to put the Schlitterbahn(R) Water park in Galveston inside, all right? Please do this. Thanks. From H.M.F.


  10. steve says:

    this would be so convienient for me since i live in clear lake. now i can go as much as i want without driving 4 hours…….plus galveston can have more tourists this way too.

  11. michael says:

    This is the world’s best waterpark, i can’t wait to go next year. I am as excited as a child that gets candy for the first time… Rock on Dudes

  12. Sarah says:

    hurry up and fix it so i can got to shlitterbahn thanksss