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Maryland shrugs off Diebold problems

You’ve probably already read this scary Salon article about the easily-compromised Diebold voting machines. According to that article, the state of Maryland ordered a review of its purchase of the Diebold machines. Well, guess what? Turns out the state of Maryland will approve tha machines anyway. Security concerns are for weenies, I guess.

Via The Agonist, who will serve as a mirror site for the currently-disabled Black Box Voting.

UPDATE: Kriston reminds me to mention why Black Box Voting is down: Diebold bullied their ISP into shutting them off. Links via Calpundit and Body and Soul.

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  1. You ought to mention why the black box voting site is down…

  2. Steve Bates says: (note .com, not .org) is still up. I’ve never quite understood the reason for BBV’s having two separate domains, but at the moment I’m glad they do.

    And I just noticed that Bev Harris soldiers on at, which is where redirects you at the moment.