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Ripple effects

Mark Evanier mentions an aspect of the Roy Horn tiger-mauling story that I hadn’t considered.

Beyond the obvious tragedy here, it’s sad to think about how many lives this accident has impacted. Most of the 150-180 people who worked on the show are suddenly unemployed at a time when no other show is hiring.


Years ago, I heard someone talking about what it meant to do a good job running a business…any business. He said, “One measure of being a good executive is to make sure that if you get hit by a car tonight, someone could walk in tomorrow morning and begin doing your job and keeping the company functioning.” It probably doesn’t work that way all the time in most industries but it almost never works that way in show business.

I had no idea that many people were employed by the Siegfried and Roy act, but in retrospect it makes sense. Damn.

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