September traffic report

Better get to this before October ends – September continued a trend of Best Months Ever, a trend that will be broken this month thanks both to a perfect storm of events that pushed me to new heights and my travel schedule. Some 33,000 visitors stopped by last month, drawn here by the soon-to-be-resolved redistricting saga, the What Texas Democrats Should Do Next blogburst, and National Talk Like A Pirate Day, which attracted gobs of search engine requests. As always, thanks to everyone for reading and for returning. I really appreciate it.

Top referrers and search terms are under the More link.

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Weblog referrers

2461: Daily Kos
1307: Atrios
1113: Calpundit
504: The Agonist
415: The Burnt Orange Report
385: Political Wire
186: Political State Report
172: Liberal Oasis
160: TalkLeft
156: Coffee Corner
153: Pandagon
134: The Poor Man
124: Tom Spencer
115: Talk Like A Pirate
114: Rob Booth
114: Rhetoric & Rhythm
113: Cooped Up
112: Blah3
110: Matthew Yglesias
Top search terms ================ #reqs: search term -----: ----------- 440: national talk like a pirate day 397: proposition 12 235: marnie rose 170: prime number algorithm 169: national pirate day 149: darlie routier 148: ugly people 135: talk like a pirate day 122: sock puppets 119: ben glisan 105: diane zamora 104: dr marnie rose 100: abigail perlman 91: rush limbaugh espn 74: houston mayoral race 71: redneck neighbor 68: jerry lewis sick 66: academia waltz 66: women of enron 64: pirate translation

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