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Now is an excellent time to give blood

You want a simple but vital thing to do to help with Harvey recovery? Schedule a blood donation.

The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is appealing for donations after a four-day stoppage in the wake of Tropical Storm Harvey that has left its supply at critical levels.

The local bank resumed collections Thursday at 10 of its neighborhood donor centers and eight mobile locations in the greater Houston area, all of which had been shut down since Sunday. Only its Clear Lake facility was damaged by flooding and not ready to open.

“O-negative is always most needed because it is the universal blood type, but we are happy for all donations,” said Joshua Buckley, spokesman for the blood center. “If donors can’t get out this week, next week would be good, too.”

Buckley said the re-opening of the centers and mobile location drives are critical to make up the blood not collected as a result of Harvey. The bank had an adequate blood supply prior to the storm but now is precariously low, said Buckley.

Go here and click on Where To Donate to find a convenient time and location. I’m scheduled for today. This is something most of us can do, and it’s something all of us that can do need to do. Thanks very much.

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