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Saturday video break: Smells Like Teen Spirit

I have two covers of the grunge classic. First, the Meat Puppets:

Boy, they really leaned in on their name, didn’t they? That’s from “Newermind”, a tribute to Nirvana on the 20th anniversary of the album release, put out by SPIN magazine. Next up is Tori Amos:

That’s probably the best-known cover of the song. I have to say, I’m a little uncomfortable looking at her posture at the piano – that seems like an ergonomic problem – but I suppose there are only so many options if one want to make eye contact with the audience.

There are lots of other covers out there, but of course the best full-media interpretation of Kurt Cobain is done by Weird Al:

And yes, it does pay to rehearse. See you next time.

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