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Joe Pojman speaks

Since I’ve raised questions about the email that’s been sent twice now by the Texas Alliance for Life in support of Tom Craddick as Speaker, I thought I should put the response from its Executive Director Joe Pojman, which he left in the comments to that post, on the front page:

With due respect to Mr. [Buck] Wood, my email to members regarding a “motion to unseat the speaker” is 100% within Texas law. Regardless of whether my email is a “thing of value,” the issue addressed in my email addresses is not a speaker’s race. A motion to remove a sitting speaker, the subject of my email, is not a motion to elect a speaker. Therefore, my email is not limited by Sec. 302.017 any more than an email to members on motions to adopt or table House or Senate bills.

Joe Pojman, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Texas Alliance for Life

So there you have it.

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