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February traffic report

I don’t really know how much traffic I had in February thanks to the sudden and inexplicable death of my Sitemeter counter early on in the month. After a couple days of ruling out every other possibility, I decided it had to be specific to that one account. I bit the bullet and switched everything over to the counter that I had (and thankfully still remembered the logon/password details for) on my old Blogspot site. I know I got about 21,000 hits since that was configured on Feb 11, so let’s say I got 32,000 hits. I got a lot of referrals from my post about Howard Stern getting dropped by Clear Channel while they were picking up Michael Savage, which helped drive that total.

By the way, I never did get an answer from the Sitemeter folks about my account. You do get what you pay for.

Top referrers are below the More link. As always, thanks for reading.

Aggregators, collections, indices, etc ====================================== 228: 227: 220: 130: Weblog referrers ================ 1717: Daily Kos
1702: Atrios
427: Oliver Willis
380: Calpundit
284: Political State Report
230: The Burnt Orange Report
206: Liberal Oasis
161: Pandagon
118: Rob Booth
112: A Perfectly Cromulent Blog
129: Kicking Ass
86: Norbizness
81: Salon's War Room
Top search terms ================ #reqs: search term -----: ----------- 1176: ugly people 960: real men of genius 428: american idol tryouts 415: jon matthews 140: halftime controversy 132: costco 109: diane zamora 103: marnie rose 100: budweiser real men of genius 97: andy pettite 76: roger stone 75: prime number algorithm 62: world's largest rat 59: largest rat 58: 24 season three 54: dr marnie rose 52: schlitterbahn galveston 49: off the kuff 48: richard morrison 48: valentine's day story

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  1. sean says:

    How did you get noticed in the beginning? Just wondering.

  2. Brenda Helverson says:

    Boy, are your advertisers going to be pissed! No, wait . . .

  3. Sean, this post answers your question. It was easier to get noticed in 2002 than it is now, but the overall audience is a lot bigger now, too.

  4. sean says:

    Thanks, Charles. It just get’s a little frustrating putting so much time into it and having no one come and read.