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The firefighter pay parity proposal sure seems like it’s going to pass

What are ya gonna do?

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is holding town halls to try to convince voters that the city can’t afford Proposition B, a ballot measure that would tie firefighters’ pay to that of police. It’s turning into an uphill fight.

Mayor Turner argues that full pay parity would cost Houston nearly $300 million, at a time when the city is wrestling with chronic deficits. But Turner is having a hard time getting voters to see this as anything other than attacking the firefighters.

“The default mode is not only to support equity pay but to support it by very big margins,” says Bob Stein, a political science professor at Rice University.

That’s particularly the case if Democrats turn out in larger-than-usual numbers. “You’ll have a lot of voters coming out who are predisposed as Democrats to support equity pay for public employees,” Stein says. “On top of that, the firemen not only have a good campaign message, but they’re going to get national support from national public employee associations and unions to support this equity pay raise.”

I’ve already seen three pro-Prop B signs in my neighborhood. Mayor Turner has been busy holding town halls and writing op-eds, but beyond that I’ve not seen much of a campaign. So yeah, I expect this to pass, quite possibly by a lot. And I’d say Mayor Turner is making the same judgment.

Mayor Sylvester Turner has instituted a hiring freeze across the city government’s roughly 21,400 positions, ordering department directors seeking exceptions to meet with him or his chief of staff in person.

The directive, he wrote in a memo dated Friday, will be reviewed “at a later date this year.” Executive positions are exempt from the freeze, but those already require mayoral approval.

Mayoral spokeswoman Mary Benton said the order was spurred by Proposition B on the Nov. 6 ballot. That measure would give firefighters the same pay as police officers of corresponding rank and seniority, costing the city an estimated $98 million annually.

“The impact would financially cripple the city and force layoffs and cutbacks to services,” Benton said. “The mayor believes it is not prudent at this time to hire additional city of Houston employees, who would lose their jobs as a result of the election.”

I mean, what did you expect? At this point I’d say the city’s best strategy is to find some plaintiffs for the ballot language lawsuit, and hope to get an injunction preventing it from being implemented while it gets hashed out in court. I wouldn’t bet my own money on that outcome either, but the odds have to be better than beating this thing at the ballot box.

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  1. Filling suit to overturn an election is not a good idea. Trust the people. It will be o.k.

  2. Scott says:

    The same mayor that just gave police another 6% raise two days ago now has issued a hiring freeze. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  3. Manny Barrera says:

    I for one will be voting to support the Fire Fighters, they used to have pay parity if I am not mistaken. They chose to forgo pay increases to make sure that they had a healthy pension. The police chose differently.

    Fire Fighters are more likely to have health issue because of their job duties and it makes sense to protect the future.

  4. Jules says:

    Charles, who wrote the ballot language and what is misleading to voters?

    I did agree with the lawsuit on the rain tax ballot language, which was written by the city, and failed to mention the fee.

  5. C.L. says:

    If you’re going to pay HFD the same as HPD, then everything else should incorporate parity as well – work schedules, sick days/vacation days awarded, pension funding, availability/unavailability of overtime, etc.

    You want equality, you get equality.

  6. C.L. says:

    whoops…. physical fitness requirements, equipment recertification requirements, licensing requirements, etc.

  7. Manny Barrera says:

    C.L. you don’t make any sense, do you any idea of what you are requiring? For one, Firepersons would be on duty less hours. They now do 48 hours, police do 40 hours. You would also find that much of everything else you mention are very similar. Physical fitness you would have to fire a lot of police officers or accept a lot of fat fire persons.

  8. Steve Houston says:

    If the voters want to see firemen paid better no matter what the cost, it’s their choice and they can live with the consequences. This was predicted back in the early 2000’s when HFD’s union won collective bargaining via the petition process in 2003, their first contract getting them 26% while the municipal workers and police were both hit with massive pension cuts to fund the HFD raise. From their union’s website:
    “On October 12, 2005 history was made again for the organization. The first Collective Bargaining Contract was negotiated between the HPFFA and the City of Houston putting a 26% base pay increase in Fire Fighter’s pockets.”

    So while the other groups pensions were being used as city credit cards, HFD’s pension benefits increased because they could bypass the city to raise their own pensions without regard to cost. As a result, virtually every fireman retires with a larger monthly check and still has the DROP benefit that gives them an extra million bucks to spend as they see fit. Those hired after last summer won’t have that benefit but they’ll be unemployed so they’ll be free to find work elsewhere. Paging fagan….

    CL, cutting HFD’s hours to give them a 5 day work week seems more retaliatory than practical. It would kill a lot of their second jobs or mess with their home lives but it wouldn’t necessarily benefit the city. At the last few Budget & Finance meetings, the fire chief was telling council he was working on a reorganization but given the size of HFD, not to mention previous court cases, I can’t help but think that path is going to cause a lot of grief. You are right though, if a group wants to be treated equally, they should get the full ride and not cherry pick the good stuff. Could the charter amendment be interpreted to mean that? Maybe so, in which case the local colleges would be teaming with firemen trying to keep from being demoted and city ordinances would need to spell out if operators would have to wait 12 to 17 years before obtaining that rank., lots of unanswered questions.

  9. C.L. says:

    Less hours on the job but getting paid the same sounds like a win/win for HFD.

    Parity is parity, take the good with the bad and the bad with the good.

  10. Manny Barrera says:

    Steve you must be a politician, put out all the worse scenarios possible. Why don’t you list all the pay raises that HPD has received since 2003 and compare it with what Fire personal have received.

    As one example you give them them a 26% increase twice, that did not happen in 2003 and 2005.

    Why not just stick to facts rather that politicians use of deception?

    I don’t have gain anything don’t have friends nor relatives in the fire department. Can you say the same about you and the police department Steve?

  11. Steve Houston says:

    Manny, I did not give them a raise twice. I indicated the facts and then provided the quote from their own union website. Both my comment and the direct quote mention that the first contract under collective bargaining yielded a 26% pay increase, the context being it was when the city was suffering all sorts of financial distress.

    And yes, I have nothing to gain whether the proposition passes or fails, at least not in any meaningful manner (if it passes and I’m robbed at gunpoint, have a heart attack, or need a building permit, all will take longer for me to get service). I have some acquaintances in both police and fire departments but that doesn’t mean supporting bad public policy to give them a boost. So how’s your buddy Trump doing these days?….lol

  12. If houstonians weren’t so lazy and selfish.

    They could try learning simple arithmetic and repealing the $12.27 revenue cap

  13. Manny Barrera says:

    Fact is you gave them two pay raises when there was only one, go back and read it. In 2003 they got collective bargaining in 2005 they got a pay raise.

    Now why not give all the pay raises that HPD has gotten since 2003 and all the ones the Fire Department have received.

  14. Steve Houston says:

    Manny, I know your English is spotty but this is what I wrote:
    “This was predicted back in the early 2000’s when HFD’s union won collective bargaining via the petition process in 2003, their first contract getting them 26% while the municipal workers and police were both hit with massive pension cuts to fund the HFD raise. ”
    I then followed up with the bit from the union website confirming their first contract landed them 26%. I can’t dumb it down for you any more than that, sorry.

  15. C.L. says:

    Steve, I’m afraid you’re going to have to try. Anger blinds.

  16. Ross says:

    If the proposition passes, and HFD salaries go up, I don’t care if changing to a 5 day 40 hour schedule that screws up outside jobs and home life seems like retaliation. Screw the firefighters for being rent seeking bastards at our expense. Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it. Better salary at HFD, but less income overall.

  17. Manny Barrera says:

    C.I. don’t you have anything constructive to state? Oh C.L.

    Steve try again below is what you wrote,

    This was predicted back in the early 2000’s when HFD’s union won collective bargaining via the petition process in 2003, their first contract getting them 26% while the municipal workers and police were both hit with massive pension cuts to fund the HFD raise. From their union’s website:

    “On October 12, 2005 history was made again for the organization. The first Collective Bargaining Contract was negotiated between the HPFFA and the City of Houston putting a 26% base pay increase in Fire Fighter’s pockets.”

    Operative word AGAIN, that means more than once, maybe you meant something else but that is not what you wrote.”

    So you were wrong in how you wrote it but my English is spotty, was that in reference to my last name and your bigotry is showing? Just wondering.

    Sure are a lot of union haters in this blog. Maybe most of you need to call the police next time you have a stroke or need an ambulance with someone that knows how to take care of you.

  18. Manny Barrera says:

    Dumb it down really Steve, you screw up, but you are dumbing it down for me.

    Just admit you are an anal opening that can’t admit when you made a mistake.

    I am not talking about beliefs but facts. You can always stand for that.

    Let us be clear why are you not posting all the pay raises that HPD has received since 2003 and comparing them to the pay raises that the firemen and women have received.

    I can’t it dumb it enough for you, because like too many people you resort to lies to support your position.

    Prove me wrong that the firemen and women were getting similar pay raises. Don’t insult because you have a dumb cheering session like C.L. clapping for you.

  19. Manny Barrera says:

    Why won’t most of you that form opinions without research, read the following by Bill King. He tends to do his research unlike people like Steve Houston who resorts to lies and insults.

  20. Manny, Bill King is a trump supporter, right?

  21. Manny Barrera says:

    I don’t know Paul is he? But if you are suggesting that Trump supporters tend to be racists and bigots, then I agree with you. But like all rules there are exceptions, remember exceptions.

    King considers himself as an independent, link, follows. But of course when he ran against Turner the Republicans went with him, he is not black.

    But if voting in a Republican primary makes one a Trump supporter than you are very mistaken. George W. Bush did not vote for Trump, don’t think George H. W. Bush did either.

  22. Manny Barrera says:

    Oh, Paul it seems that there are large number of perverts within the Trump supporters, also.

    Still can’t believe that woman, Trump supporter, stating that it is okay to be groped with her two teenage daughters there. You don’t think that is okay do you Paul?

  23. Steve Houston says:

    CL, his anger does seem to blind him but it’s more than that, it’s also his desperation. How many “first contracts” can a group have? He doesn’t even realize that I was quoting from the HFD union website in the second portion, using their own text to support my contention (since he claims to like researched comments and all). Then the chip on his shoulder comes up over his “last name” yet regulars here that bother to read his comments know exactly the kind of language deficiencies I’m speaking of. If that is somehow related to his last name, I’m sure he’ll tell us someday (sarcasm intended).

    Ross, my point was that the city of Houston shouldn’t be moving HFD employees to a 5/40 schedule unless it benefits the city. Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t but changing schedules just to screw with someone is a childish tactic. BTW, “rent seeking bastards”? (ouch!)

    Paul, I suppose Manny missed King’s heavily bandied comment that “Trump is a common sense revolution” and other pro-Trump statements, Manny’s newfound “there are exceptions” flying in the face of his own words of not long ago when it comes to Trump/GOP. Good call.

    Manny, the use of the word “again” was part of a supporting quote but a first contract is only a first contract one time. I apologize if that is too difficult for you to understand. And you might remember that I have “hated on” the police union here in the past as well, public safety unions of any sort do not get a pass when they do stupid things. My comments regarding their collective bargaining and pay raises was to help put things in context, fire employees benefiting tremendously at the expense of other groups who were enduring large cuts to their pensions while HFD was enjoying massive compensation boosts in pay AND pension. Notice that HFD’s union wants the perks but not not give anything up like the cops did, hardly what I would call parity. But until very recently HFD had so many qualified applicants that paying them more while other groups couldn’t get people in the doors runs contrary to good public policy. You pay more for positions that are harder to fill, not positions getting thousands of applications more than needed.

    As far as King is concerned, he was tied at the hip to GOP state senator Paul B. (name not to be mentioned here as a courtesy to Charles) and other far right republicans last legislative session as they cut Houston pensions, including HFD pensions. King has long held that all city pensions, especially those with HFD, are too lucrative even after last year’s cuts and he won’t be happy until they are defined contribution. In general terms, his op-ed pieces are best for those who don’t care about accuracy in numbers or context, his Ahab-like obsession with being contrary to virtually everything mayor Turner does is well established. But if you believe he isn’t and have changed your opinion of King as someone who flip flops on major issues, that is on you. He is a regular at various tea party meetings and conservative groups so you can catch up with him as you see fit. 🙂

  24. Manny Barrera says:

    Steve you are full of manure and operate by resorting to lies.

    Whoever King may tied to, is not material. What is material is the numbers he posted, why not deal with that? You can’t because you are pathological liar.

    I feel sorry for you, you think you are smart when you are one dumb person that resorts to lies and insults. The only difference between you and Trump is that he is rich and you are not.

    You again mentioned that HPD was getting similar pay raises prove it. You can’t because once again you are pathological liar.

    King was not the issue, his numbers are what I posted. Steve however you always lie, I said I don’t know if he supported Trump, can read and comprehend? Paul was being anal with the question, he knows it or should know it.

    As to him going to Tea Party Groups he is a politician and probably wants to run for mayor again, he knows where his votes came from. But if you think you know Bill King then ask him because when I had email conversation with him concerning another issue this is what he stated about party affiliation.

    Manuel, thanks for the input, but I don’t agree that I made my nest with the Republicans. I have said I am an independent for a long time (see and I had a lot of Democratic support in the last election.

    Must be hard to know that you, Steve, are not intelligent, or the word you prefer Dumb.

    Why not find that rock you crawl out every now and then and slither back. Come back when you can deal with facts and data that is verifiable.

  25. Manny Barrera says:

    Steve let us tell the world what you stand for? Hating on police no quite Steve, you are a racist and a bigot. Read what you wrote below.

    “PK, there are scores of instances when white males were put on infinite waiting lists only to find out gang members were hired instead or told that the credit score for a WM had to be 100+ points higher to make the cut when extremely marginal others were employed.”

    Gang Members really Steve that would be awesome news why haven’t you notified all the media?

  26. Bill King says:

    Since my name is being bandied about here, I suppose I should weigh in. First, I have long identified myself as an independent and said so in the last campaign. I have been writing about the evils of political parties for, at least, a decade.

    Yes, I am friends with Paul Bettencourt, but I am also a long-time friend of Rodney Ellis. I have many friends on both sides of the political spectrum and refuse to demonize those with whom I might disagree on particular issues.

    I have never said, “Trump is a common sense revolution.” Either point out where I have or withdraw your assertion. I have agreed with him when I thought he was right and disagreed when I did not. I have heavily criticized him and the Republicans generally for the huge deficits which they are currently running up.

    As for pension, you are right that I am an advocate for defined contribution plans because the defined benefit plan no longer works. The combination of extended longevity and lower market returns have made them obsolete. However, I have consistently and repeated said that earned benefits should never be taken away. That is what SB2190 did and why I opposed it. I testified against it at the Legislature for exactly that reason and because it sought to cling to the broken DB model.

    Steve, I see you write a lot about numbers, but I don’t see you actually producing any. I, on the other hand, always support my conclusions with them. If you can point out any inaccuracies with them as you assert, please do so.

    Finally, your assertion that I oppose anything Turner does is wrong. In the wake of Harvey I wrote an editorial in the NY Times defending Turner and Emmett from criticism they did not “evacuate Houston.” I also, pointed out the things in SB2190 with which I agreed.

    I know that hyper-partisans like yourself cannot imagine that there are people that actually make up their minds based on the facts, but we do exist.

  27. Steve Houston says:

    Manny, so you admit he is a politician chasing votes and then take him at his word for his affiliation? LOL, you are much more like a Trumper than you realize.

    And it is a matter of record that HFD received that 26% raise they brag about on their own website, all while their pension benefits increased despite the rest of you city workers taking pension cuts starting in 2004. HFD’s union has turned down raises more recently, claiming they didn’t like the concessions or that they wanted more, pushing out former union president Sky-Eagle in one case.

    And why wouldn’t it be considered as “hating on the police” when I point out that they gave in when city officials demanded hiring preferences? Go look up Nugent V. City of Houston if you want proof of their hiring practices, though from your racist point of view, they should be preferred over HFD that has ~95% male employees, most of them white.

    But if you think Bill King’s numbers are accurate in the context he displays them, more power to you. When King sells you some ocean front property in Arizona, don’t come crying to me that you were misled.

    And to once more address your issues of intelligence, or lack thereof, I make no claims regarding my intelligence. Believe what you will and independently research things as you see fit. That’s a far cry from your oft-used claims of racism to anyone that disagrees with you here or your personal insults deployed when you run out of smoke to mislead.

  28. Manny Barrera says:

    Steve you are a fool, you stated that there was a pay raise in 2003 and AGAIN in 2005. You wrote it own it. Where is your proof that HPD and fire have been getting similar pay, again a LIAR.

    Again you go off on Bill King that is your business let me remind you I said I don’t know.

    Gang members really Steve you sound like a hateful cop that can’t get promoted because you don’t do well on your tests. Therefore you resort to GANG MEMBERS being accepted before qualified Whites. Can you prove that? Of course you can’t because you are a liar.

    You started by insulting my English and calling me dumb.

    Why not just prove what you write, you can’t like Trump and all other racists and bigots you are too full of anger against minorities and I guess the Fire Department.

  29. C.L. says:

    “Liar, anal opening, pathological, Trumper,”, etc. I tire of this so.

    Manny may be Bill in disguise or Bill may be Manny. At some point, the rhetoric is indistinguishable.

  30. Manny Barrera says:

    C.L or is it C.I? what is your problem do you hate “All Mexicans” are just some of them? Adrian his hair. Hidalgo her ethnicity. Me because I am smarter and more knowledgeable than you and happen to be “Mexican”.

    So why are you such a Trump supporter? And why do you hate minorities?

    Steve starts the insults and lies about facts, he always does that, he lied about HPD accepting gang-members. That makes him a pathological liar. He persistent insults don’t seem to bother you when they are directed at me, Why.

    C.I. do you have any constructive to add, besides insults?

  31. Bill Daniels says:


    I object to being lumped in with Manny. I don’t use base language like that, generally, even if I am trolling.

  32. Manny Barrera says:

    No Bill you refer to humans as “illegal”, that is much worse as you are making them less than human. A human can be a liar, he can be anal, he can be a racists, but they are still Human.

    Bill you have no problem with grabbing children from their parents arms and locking them in cages, neither does C.L. That is much worse Bill.

    But you can take all the offense you want to with C.L. go at it.

    Bill your president uses much worse language and you love him, why don’t you love me for similar language? It was you that kept saying don’t have to be politically correct anymore.

  33. Bill Daniels says:


    Illegal alien is the correct, legal term for someone in this country illegally. There are derogatory terms for illegal aliens,which I am sure you must be aware of…mojado, wet, wetback, etc. I have never used one of those terms, preferring, instead, to use the correct, legal term.

    And yes, it’s off topic here, but I have absolutely ZERO problem grabbing children from their parents. Unfit parents take their kids on crime sprees and we take those kids away from the obviously unfit parents. Forcing a kid to ride on top of a train and do forced marches through the desert, or to hide in a hot 18 wheeler trailer is child abuse, and anyone that abuses a child should be separated from that child. That you support keeping kids with their abusers says something bad about you. Why do you support child abusers? Do you abuse children? Maybe you find those illegal alien child abusers to be kindred spirits?

    As to your language, I really care not a whit what kind of language you use here. I just want it noted that I don’t generally use that kind of language, especially against any poster on this forum. Personally, I love it that Trump says what he feels, occasionally uses salty language, and basically says what many think, but are too polite to say.

  34. C.L. says:

    @Bill… I can understand how the comparison distresses you. My apologies.

    Manny, fear not, amigo. I’m in no fear of your ‘smarter’ or ‘knowledgeable’. And once again, for the n’th time, you know not who I voted for, my ethnicity, nor my views on children being separated from their parents. Also, as far as you know, my ‘real’ name is Carlos Lopez or Cristian Linguine or Curt Leinsteiger or Corday Jacobson. The reason I don’t reveal my real moniker is because of crazy folks like you.

  35. Steve Houston says:

    CL, see what I mean?!? Manny can’t even read a simple sentence that claims a group obtained collective bargaining in 2003 and as part of their first contract that was passed in 2005, received 26% raises while the rest of the city took pension cuts. Next he’ll claim hundreds of workers weren’t laid off by mayor Parker when she faced her budget crunch. I’m not sure where he got gang members promoting when I only pointed him to the racial/gender preferential hiring the city engaged in for a very long time (citing one of the court cases that detailed the practices of Houston) but if some of those thugs hired ended up promoting, good for them.

    But he can go back to supporting King, a guy he used to bag on not that long ago, and a candidate that is still on record as wanting to further reduce pension benefits for firefighters. King even says so in the blog post offered up. So if the chip on his shoulder extends from Bill Daniels use of legal terms to his own inability to comprehend a simple sentence, that’s just another day in the life of a failed political candidate. lol

  36. Manny Barrera says:

    Yes C.L. what ever you say, but you don’t say much. But I would be very surprised if you are not a closet racist/bigot. But you are right I don’t know, but I do know that you said you would not for Adrian Garcia because of his hair. You said you would not vote for Hidalgo because, just because. Maybe you just hate women, who knows.

    Steve learn to write, you mentioned 26% twice, once in 2003 and AGAIN in 2003. You may have meant something different but that is not what you wrote.

    But I am still waiting for those pay increases that make your statement true. But I am not holding my breath.

    As to the gang member that was in a previous post from you, I provided a link. Because otherwise you would lie about it, you still did. What is someone that lies all the time called, think what Cruz called Trump.

    Why are you talking pensions, we are talking pay increases Steve. If you can’t get out of one lie, let us go to another topic.

    What does Parker have to do with anything, why are you constantly changing topics?

    Prove your statement about the pay for HPD and Fire, very simple.

    Steve, why are you preaching to C.L.?

  37. Manny Barrera says:

    2003 and 2005

  38. Manny Barrera says:

    Look Steve I know you from previous posts you will continue to lie, and lie, to try to convince yourself that you know something you don’t.

    So if you are going to respond, please just provide the proof that HPD and Fire were getting similar pay raises. Below is what you wrote above

    ” 2003, their first contract getting them 26% while the municipal workers and police were both hit with massive pension cuts to fund the HFD raise. From their union’s website:

    On October 12, 2005 history was made again for the organization. The first Collective Bargaining Contract was negotiated between the HPFFA and the City of Houston putting a 26% base pay increase in Fire Fighter’s pockets.”

    First contract 26% in 2003
    Again in 2005 26% Collective Bargaining Contract

    The other false information or lie’

    “As a result, virtually every fireman retires with a larger monthly check and still has the DROP benefit that gives them an extra million bucks to spend as they see fit.”

    You can’t verify or proof that second statement either, it just typical Tea Party lies to they feed each other.

    The third deception, or lie as I prefer;

    “You are right though, if a group wants to be treated equally, they should get the full ride and not cherry pick the good stuff.”

    Can you prove that what is occurring, or was occurring?

    Police chose pay raises and unfunded Pension, Fire chose less pay and a properly funded pension.

    If you live in the City go vote against Proposition B, Steve, you can even post your lies, but don’t insult me and expect me to just smile. I questioned your facts, because they were not true. But I did not insult unless the use of politician was insulting. You responded by questioning my English and calling me dumb.

  39. Manny Barrera says:

    Then you have PDiddie with a very good analysis

    He even hates on Bill King, Steve you should enjoy that.

  40. Steve…LOL

    Manny….I was just having fun with you.

  41. Steve Houston says:

    Uh Oh, looks like Manny threw another temper tantrum of meaningless posts.
    “This was predicted back in the early 2000’s when HFD’s union won collective bargaining via the petition process in 2003, their first contract getting them 26% while the municipal workers and police were both hit with massive pension cuts to fund the HFD raise. ”

    I indicated they won collective bargaining in 2003, then placing a comma before spelling out their first contract raise under it was in 2005. I then posted the comment, in quotes, from HFD’s union website yet you continue to ascribe the words as though I was the one saying it to round out your diatribe.

    I suppose failed parking magistrates have to do something with their time, have fun Manny, no one believes a word you say because you can’t help yourself. And in response to a private email, I promise to refrain from feeding the troll any more tonight. hahaha

  42. Manny Barrera says:

    Steve you are still anal, and still a liar. You still failed to prove your point about the raises.

    Steve, if you can’t get promoted as an HPD officer because you are too dumb, don’t blame the minorities for your stupidity.

    Yes, Paul I figured. I voted for Turner, and have read two books by Bill King. I found it amazing he was passing himself of as a Republican when he at least writes as he against almost all the social issues that the Republicans stand for.

    Paul, you and your brothers are good people.

  43. Manny Barrera says:

    Oh Paul, while Democrats may hate me for saying this, I also voted for your Brother, and would do so again.

    In Court you were always courteous. But we don’t always agree which is fine and long as it does not become violent.

  44. Manny Barrera says:

    Oh Steve in your small mind I may be a failed parking magistrate, but I passed the Bar Exam on my first try and was in the top ten percent in the exam. Compare that with your failure to get promoted within HPD, must hurt to be as mentally challenged as you are.

  45. Bill Daniels says:

    Since there’s no other way to do it, I’ll do it here.

    Hey Kuff: You are ignoring the biggest political story of the year right here, the Kavanaugh hearing yesterday. How about a post about that, so we can all weigh in?

  46. C.L. says:

    Zing !

    Thank you, Bill. Anything to stop the foaming of the mouth from Manny.

  47. Steve Houston says:

    CL, I’ve always found his foaming to be hilarious but at some point, it just gets repetitive, even when he invents all new lies out of his unproven theories. Apparently he wasn’t happy that the cops were caught using hiring quotas and racial preferences (Nugent V. City of Houston) and somehow he thinks that translated into the thugs they were caught hiring were all promoting to higher ranks. As far as I can tell, since Art Acevedo was hired, his command staff has fewer minorities than any of his peers of the last 40 years. But the Kavanaugh hearings would be interesting to see discussed here, it might bring more interesting opinions than foam mouth has offered in a long time. lol

  48. To Jules, sorry for the late reply: It’s my understanding that the ballot language will come straight from the petitions.

    To Bill: I prefer to focus on the local stuff, and I don’t feel like I have anything original to say about the hearings. But thanks for asking, I appreciate the question.