We’re up to three candidates running against Steve Radack

Former State Rep. Kristi Thibaut announced her entry into the race to take on longtime Commissioner Steve Radack this week. You can find her campaign Facebook page here. I had previously noted some chatter about her possible candidacy. This is one of those times when there was something to that chatter.

Also in that race, having announced a few days before Thibaut, is Michael Moore, the former Chief of Staff to Mayor Bill White. The presence of Moore and of Thibaut suggests that there’s some serious fundraising ahead, in part because Radack already has a bunch of money. I will be very interested to see what their January finance reports look like.

The first candidate in the race was Diana Alexander, and I would expect her to take a different path towards the nomination. She has a greater grassroots presence and more recent visibility from the 2018 election through the activism of Pantsuit Republic Houston and Indivisible Houston. There’s a CEC meeting for the Harris County Democratic Party coming up in September, and I’ll also be interested to see who has volunteers and supporters out for their preferred candidate at that event.

As I’ve said about the Congressional races, it’s already starting to get late for anyone else who might be looking at this race. Filing opens in less than 12 weeks, and as noted above if you want to hit the fundraising trail, you’ve already got some strong competition. Nobody else getting in would surprise me slightly more than the field expanding further, but not by much.

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3 Responses to We’re up to three candidates running against Steve Radack

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi, as the founder of Pantsuit Republic Houston, it would be awesome if you could make sure anytime you’re mentioning this group, you refer to it as Pantsuit Republic Houston and not Pantsuit Nation. We are not affiliated with them. Thank you

  2. Jessica, my apologies. I have corrected the post. Thank you for the clarification.

  3. Joseph says:


    I still see the Pantsuit Nation reference. We aren’t affiliated with them. http://www.pantsuitrepublic.com gives more details about the statewide group. Thanks!

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