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Interview with Janaeya Carmouche

Janaeya Carmouche

Houston is a Democratic city, where the Democratic Presidential candidate has drawn 60% or more of the vote in each of the past three races. Yet we stand today with three of the five At Large Council seats being held by Republicans. One is term-limited out, and the other two have multiple challengers to their re-elections. In At Large #3, Janaeya Carmouche is one of three candidates running against CM Michael Kubosh, who was first elected in 2013. Carmouche is a community activist and communications professional who has worked for City Council and more recently for Commissioner Rodney Ellis. You can see her LinkedIn profile for more details. Here’s what we talked about:

I never did get around to creating an Election 2019 page, in part because the Erik Manning spreadsheet has it all. My roundup of July finance reports that includes At Large #3 is here, and my 2013 interview with then-candidate, now incumbent Michael Kubosh is here.

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One Comment

  1. Bill Daniels says:

    Kubosh is the community activist who was most instrumental in ridding the city of red light cameras. I don’t know what Janaeya’s community activism has achieved, but whatever it was or is, getting rid of the red light cameras trumps it. Kubosh deserves reelection based on that alone.

    Full disclosure: I have never gotten a red light ticket via camera OR cop.