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Weekend link dump for March 22

“How the GOP’s War on Government Paved the Way for Trump’s Deadly Incompetence”.

“Small disruptions create small societal shifts; big ones change things for good. The O.J. Simpson trial helped tank the popularity of daytime soap operas. The New York transit strike of 1980 is credited with prompting several long-term changes in the city, including bus and bike lanes, dollar vans, and women wearing sneakers to work. The 1918 flu pandemic prompted the development of national health care in Europe.”

“The 10 Trader Joe’s Products that Shoppers Won’t Buy Even During a Pandemic”.

The word of the day, and possibly of the year, is superspreaders. This is why large public gatherings have to be shut down.

“New evidence suggests that blue whales are making a comeback”.

“Biden says he’ll name a black woman to the Supreme Court. Here are five names he could pick.”

“So, keep your eye out for this flip of the switch. Conservatives may seem blasé now, but it’s unlikely to last. Before long, they’ll be the ones suffering from the most anxiety and Trump will stoke their fear as much as he can in an effort to keep his job.”

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“I am in the one-trillion-to-two-trillion-dollar camp, preferably by dinner time. I think they should be just throwing money at people and businesses that are in the front line. Cash has to be given out to households. Cash has to be given out to small businesses. Cash has to be given out to gig workers. I don’t know what the figures are for Uber drivers, but they are probably catastrophic.”

“After repeatedly dismissing the coronavirus pandemic as a liberal hoax designed to bring down the president, Fox News appears to have finally woken up to reality. On Tuesday, the network joined others in practicing on-air social distancing, telling viewers that such measures were crucial to curbing the spread of infections.”

RIP, Lyle Waggoner, actor best known for Wonder Woman and The Carol Burnett Show.

Gritty is the hero we need but don’t deserve.

Let Lizzie McGuire be the grownup she would now be.

What is ESPN to do right now?

“Biden Should Pick Warren as VP, Immediately”.

“close your eyes. imagine how you think a penguin walks down stairs. wrong. it’s better than that.”

“How did the U.S. fumble its response to the coronavirus so colossally, even with so much lead time? Why, with the number of diagnosed COVID cases in the U.S. climbing toward 4,000, do we still not have nearly enough tests? A large part of the blame lies with President Trump, who has not wanted widespread testing, apparently out of an obsession with keeping the number of confirmed COVID cases low.”

Buzz Aldrin, ladies and gentlemen. A national treasure.”

RIP, Alfred Worden, Apollo 15 astronaut who orbited the moon. Here’s a lovely tribute to him by science writer Amy Shira Teitel.

Four words: Drive-through strip clubs. You’re welcome.

Playboy has announced that it’s closing down its flagship magazine for the rest of 2020. It seems unlikely, given the wording of the announcement and the state of print magazine-making, that it will ever return.”

RIP, Kenny Rogers, country music legend.

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  1. Bill Daniels says:

    From the ‘drive thru’ strip club article:

    “On Saturday we’re doing nude triple-X hand sanitizer wrestling,” Carlson said. “We have about 20 gallons of hand sanitizer, and we’re doing a cool nude hand sanitizer wrestling show.”

    This. This right here is the kind of innovation and adaptation that perfectly represents American exceptionalism and America’s can-do spirit. ‘Merica! Hell yeah!

  2. Ross says:

    Elizabeth Warren would be a total disaster as VP, then President when Biden kicks it. She is a complete and utter moron of the Trump type, whose ideas are not based in reality.

    This is the woman who thought that taxing unrealized gains on capital assets at year end is a good idea. Of course, that’s hard when your unrealized gains have disappeared, and there’s no money left to pay, which has happened to many publicly traded securities. Determining the value of privately held companies would be even harder.

    Let’s also look at her plan for companies that receive aid from the government related to the corona virus.
    1. Companies must maintain payrolls. How much of the payroll? If it’s all of it, then companies will be filing for bankruptcy despite the aid. Much of the aid will likely go to pay suppliers for purchases made before the crisis that haven’t been invoiced yet. Companies should try to maintain payroll, but Warren’s plan is nto based on any real business experience.

    2. $15 minimum wage within a year after the crisis. Totally unrealistic for some industries, and inflationary in areas where wages are lower than the national average, as are living costs born by employees. One size does not fit all.

    3. Companies prohibited forever from stock repurchases. Since many companies buy stock to offset dilution from contributions to employee savings plans, Warren’s plan would result in less value for shareholders. Again, she’s a stupid moron with no real experience. Typical academic.

    4. Companies prohibited from paying dividends or bonuses while receiving relief and for three years afterwards. So, Warren is OK with good executives leaving companies that cannot compensate them properly? Again, she’s a stupid moron.

    5. Board seats for workers. I can almost live with this, but workers are seldom experienced enough or educated enough to have any clue as to how to run a company. The typical board member chosen by employees is likely to be someone not interested in maximizing shareholder return.

    6. Collective bargaining. I can live with this, although if the company is in dire straits, there may be a real need to renegotiate contracts.

    7. Shareholder and board approval for all political expenditures. Well managed companies already get board approval. Getting shareholder approval is problematic, and expensive. Besides that, what does political expenditure mean? Only contributions to candidates? Lobbying so that a corporation can inform legislators of the impacts of proposed legislation?

    8. CEO’s must certify compliance. Just another meaningless law. How many CEO’s have gone to jail over SOX certifications?

  3. SocraticGadfly says:

    So, Ross, why, then, should we bail out folks like airlines who used stock buybacks to goose executive compensation?

    Instead, put a crowbar in your fricking wallet.

    Or, better than Warren? This actual socialist says it’s time to nationalize some shit.

  4. SocraticGadfly says:

    The Slate piece gets it wrong. Per the Smithsonian piece linked off it, what developed after WWI was the idea of “public health.” National health care in most the world didn’t develop until after WWII.

  5. Manny says:

    All I can say Ross is that you seem to have a certain anger toward women that does not manifest itself toward men.