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Wallace will not run in CD22

One less contender for the right to challenge Rep. Nick Lampson.

Sugar Land Mayor David Wallace is getting out of politics, at least temporarily.

Wallace, who announced last summer he would not run for mayor of Sugar Land again, said Thursday he also has decided not to seek the Republican nomination for Congressional District 22.

“So beset was he with questions regarding next year’s race for Congress that Mayor Wallace wanted to set the record straight: He will not run for Congress in 2008,” said a statement sent by Wallace’s secretary, Rosemary Mascarenhas, late Thursday afternoon. “The congressional seat, currently held by Democrat Nick Lampson, is anticipated to draw a wide range of potential Republican candidates. Wallace will not be among them.”


Ironically, it was only two weeks ago that Wallace disavowed rumors that he had changed his mind about running for Congress in part due to a lawuit filed against him and [Wallace Bajjali Development Partners LP] in January by developer Will Perry, son of uber GOP campaign contributor, swift boater and home builder Bob Perry.

Feels weird to see Wallace drop out like this. It sure seemed like everything he did in 2006 was geared towards his long-awaited candidacy for CD22. You have to wonder what made him change his mind.

As for the rest of the field, we know of one person who’s running, much to the delight of political watchers everywhere. Everything else is speculative. I figure the June 30 campaign finance statements might tell a few tales. We’ll see.

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  1. Charles Hixon says:

    Roll out the barrel.

  2. muse says:

    A spy told me that Shelly showed up to a recent event in a bright pink St. John’s knit suit. I’ve created a monster ever since I pointed out The Pink Problem at last year’s Sugar Land Memorial Day Remembrance.