PPP: Trump 48, Biden 48

You want polls, we got polls.

In a Texas survey done for the Texas Democratic Party, we found Joe Biden and Donald Trump tied in the state at 48. Only 46% of voters approve of the job Trump is doing to 50% who disapprove. A Quinnipiac University survey released this week showed the state a toss up as well.

One particularly notable finding in the Texas poll is that Biden leads 53-41 among voters under 45…and 51-46 among voters between 46 and 65 as well. The only thing keeping Trump in the game is a 59-38 lead with seniors. That huge generational split means Democrats are going to start winning important elections in Texas some day…and it could even be this year.

See here for more on that Quinnipiac poll. PPP had previously released a poll in April that had Biden up by one, 47-46, which so far has been the best single result he has had in this state since becoming the presumptive (now official) nominee. The TDP has posted the polling data here. It shows Trump doing better among women than men, which is sufficiently odd (and the accompanying numbers divergent enough) that I’m pretty sure that’s a transcription error, and those numbers should be reversed. Interestingly, it also shows Trump leading among independents 52-42, but he only wins Republicans by an 83-14 margin (Biden takes Dems 88-8), and he carries 2016 Trump voters 89-9 while Biden wins 2016 Hillary voters 94-4 and “someone else/did not vote” respondents 54-23. That suggests that Trump’s problems are one part a bit of base erosion and one part a lack of any viable “none of the above” option for the more wishy-washy among us.

As always, it’s one poll, and these are small subsamples, so read that data with extreme caution. Other polls have suggested Trump is doing just fine with his base but is losing among indies, so don’t fall in love with a single narrative but keep an eye on the numbers as a whole. As far as that goes, the six-poll average now stands at Trump 46.7, Biden 44.2, as close as any race has been at this time in my memory.

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3 Responses to PPP: Trump 48, Biden 48

  1. brad says:

    Interesting polling numbers.

    For now I will keep my voter registration in Texas and withhold registering my residence at a Florida hotel to voter there.

    Florida is always the mother of all swing states, but Texas…wow, that would be a fun ride this fall if polling numbers consistently show Trump sub .500 and Biden tied or leading.

    I have supreme confidence that Trump will continue digging himself deeper into that polling hole with suburban voters here in Texas. And there is a lot of suburban voters.

  2. Souperman says:

    It’s June, so certainly nothing is wrapped up, but I like this.

    At the very least, if Trump’s campaign is spending money to play defense in Texas, Georgia, Iowa, and Arizona, it’s not spending that money on Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina.

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