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The sweet smell of desperation (again)

Remember that strong stench of desperation that emanated from the Orlando Sanchez campaign last year when he tried to link Bill White to Hezbollah? I’m getting a whiff of the same stuff from Louie Gohmert in CD01 now.

Republican Louie Gohmert takes a potshot at beleaguered CBS anchorman Dan Rather in a new campaign spot challenging Democratic Congressman Max Sandlin.

The spot makes references to Sandlin’s “negative” ads.

“They’ve got more holes than a CBS News story by Dan Rather,” the narrator says in the spot.

The ad then shows a newspaper clipping with Rather’s photo and
the headline “CBS apologizes for Bush Guard story.”

Way to talk about the issues, big guy. Everyone else, you know the drill from here: Donate to Sandlin, donate to all Texas Tuesdays candidates, and donate to the DCCC.

Via Southpaw.

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One Comment

  1. Michael says:

    Perhaps he needs a key endorsement from Alan Keyes, the next Senator from Illinois, in order to jumpstart his campaign…