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More on Abbott’s approval rating

Further evidence of decline.

Approval for Gov. Greg Abbott’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic continues to erode, according to a new poll from a consortium of universities.

The survey, conducted through Sunday by Harvard, Northeastern, Rutgers and Northwestern universities, found that 38 percent of Texans approve of the governor’s response to the health crisis, a steep decline from the 61 percent who were supportive in a similar poll in late April.

The authors said Republican governors in states that have seen recent surges, including Abbott, have seen declining approval for their countermeasures that closely mirror those suggested by President Donald Trump. Approval for Trump’s handling of the crisis dropped to 32 percent both nationally and in Texas, according to the poll.

“Across much of the South we see a tight coupling between approval of the president’s handling of the pandemic and approval of the governor’s performance during the pandemic,” they wrote.


The survey was conducted online between July 10 and July 26 and included 19,052 people from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. It had a margin of error of 6 percentage points.

The authors noted that new weights were given to respondents based on where they lived within the state, and that the results may therefore not be exactly comparable to past iterations. The consortium did six previous rounds of surveys, finding a steady drop in favorability for Abbott’s leadership amid the crisis.

A little googling tells me that this consortium is publishing its work on the website. The report for July is here. It’s interesting and it does correlate with the data that we have from Presidential polls, which don’t always include a question about Abbott’s approval, but it feels like its own thing, and I’m not sure how comparable it is to those other data points. But it does provide its own trend lines, so that’s good. How permanent or transient any of this is, and how much it will matter in 2022 is a question we can’t answer right now. So take this for what it’s worth and we’ll go from there.

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  1. Michelle says:

    This is interesting
    “Finally, we note that the waiting time for results is not evenly distributed across the
    population. Mean wait times for white respondents were 3.9 days; for African American
    respondents 5.0 days, and for Hispanic respondents 4.6 days. The longer wait times for
    African Americans and Hispanic Americans mean that containment strategies will be less
    effective in those populations.”

  2. Alton says:

    Honestly it’s worse than that I can’t believe how he destroyed the Texas economy to line his pockets I will remember this coming election time he will get my vote I would rather vote for a baboon vs him atleast the baboon will come out of the governor’s mansion

    Reason 1
    Covid scamdemic it’s overhyped it’s real but if you take hydroxychloroquine zinc and azithromycin together it battles covid 19 doctors have saved thousands of life’s

    Shutting down the state is stupid eventually you will get it it’s a matter of time what are you going to do live in your basement forever

    Restaurant can open but bars can’t apparently the rioters that terrorized Austin didn’t get the memo Abbott should lead by example he was a decent governor but he showed his true colors a yellow belly coward I refuse to vote for a coward

  3. jim johnson says:

    the man should be charged for mass murder, i cant stand a bastard like him sitting in safety while 3 members of my family have caught this damn virus. im half white half hispanic my hispanic family members who also live on the deep west side of san antonio texas a low income area with good people there are mainly ignored. most fearing goddamn ice because what racist bastards they can be and detention center full of sick adults and kids most kids tossed over the border without parents or anyone taking care of them! Abbott you and Trump are straight up evil!