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CD24 poll: Valenzuela 47, Van Duyne 41

From the Twitters:

You can see the poll info here. The 48-41 and 49-45 numbers are with leaners included – I just used the topline numbers. I would note that Trump carried CD24 by six points in 2016, while Beto won it by 3.5 points in 2018; I will say again, CD24 was the one that got away in 2018. Anyway, Biden leading by four points suggests a ten point shift overall from 2016, which is consistent with Biden leading the state by about a point. You can add your own caveats, I’m just adding this as another data point.

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One Comment

  1. asmith says:

    Yep I think this is about right. I think Candace will do well in the Dallas and Denton parts of the district even if some Irving folks stick with VanDuyne. I think it comes down to the turnout in Tarrant. Still red over there but if Candace wins the HD92 part of CD24 in the Euless area she will win.