Endorsement watch: Supreme Court

As predicted, the Chron stumps for Scott Brister in the State Supreme Court race against David Van Os. Who will be the first scrappy challenger to get the nod over an entrenched incumbent? I await with bated breath.

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2 Responses to Endorsement watch: Supreme Court

  1. Beldar says:

    Mr. Van Os is indeed “scrappy,” but otherwise largely unqualified. If we had a principled Democratic governor making an appointment to an empty seat, Mr. Van Os wouldn’t be anywhere on the first three pages of likely appointees.

    I’m not a fan of electing judges in our current system. But Kuff, your guys surely can do better in fielding candidates under the system we have.

  2. Beldar says:

    Oops. Meant to say “not a fan of our current system of electing judges.” Given the current system, though, both parties ought to put up credible candidates.

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