Endorsement watch: Sheriff and Tax Assessor

With their endorsement of the incumbents for Sheriff and Tax Assessor (both of which I predicted), the Chron closes out its recommendations for this election season. I did pretty well in guessing their picks, mainly stumbling in the State House races where I thought they might go for Hubert Vo but not Jim Dougherty or Charlotte Coffelt. I presume they’ll run a review of all their endorsements on Sunday, which doesn’t really make up for not having an easily-accessed “We Recommend” page but is the best I’m gonna get.

Elsewhere, the Letters to the Editor today were all about their Bush endorsement two days ago. By my count, seven letter writers chastised them for it, three supported them, and one simply said “so much for the argument that the Chronicle is part of the liberal media.” Make of that what you will.

UPDATE: Here’s how Aron Danburg cast his ballot. Note what he has to say about the Sheriff’s race.

UPDATE: Here’s Greg to give the alternate view of the Tax Assessor’s race. I’m happy to take his word for it regarding Democratic candidate John Webb, but I do wish someone had taken a few moments to convince Webb of the need to hire a professional webpage designer.

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