DFP: Biden 49, Trump 48

Once again, from Twitter:

In their full sample, there are 452 people who have already voted, and Biden leads among them 54-45, as noted in the tweet. Of the 566 people who have not yet voted but say they will, Trump leads 50-44, with five percent undecided. (Not many third-party supporters in this sample, which is a combination of SMS and web panel.) Since independents are the new hotness, Biden leads among them in the full sample, 45-43.

The previous DFP result was a week ago. At that time, 180 voters from their sample had voted, with Biden leading 57-41 among them. You can make of that what you want. Biden led 47-46 in that poll, with Cornyn leading Hegar 44-41. The main takeaway here is fewer undecideds, and that more of the undecideds are going to Hegar than Cornyn. Indeed, Hegar leads by the same 54-45 among those who have voted, but trails 50-39 with the rest, with 9% undecided. This is the first poll I can think of that suggests she will finish within a point or so of Biden.

Again, we’ll see if this is the end of the polls for this cycle. We sure can’t complain that we were ignored.

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2 Responses to DFP: Biden 49, Trump 48

  1. blank says:

    My understanding is that DFP has a Democratic lean, so this probably means Trump would be slightly ahead according to most pollsters. However, I have my doubts about the pollsters having good likely voter models if Texas has a turnout over 11 million voters.

  2. David Fagan says:

    I could sit here and say each candidate will get 50% of the vote with + or – 3.4% deviation and by next Wednesday I’d be right also. That’s without doing a poll, congratulations, these polls don’t mean shit.

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