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The Evergreen Negro Cemetery

Wow. City and METRO officials have discovered 33 burial sites, including three that appear fully intact, near a historic Black cemetery on Lockwood Drive, which the city apparently missed when it tore through the site to expand the street in … Continue reading

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Green burials

If you don’t like the idea of being embalmed and buried in an expensive casket, perhaps a “green burial” is for you. [‘Green burials” are] part of a growing movement to eliminate toxic chemicals or nonbiodegradable materials from end-of-life rituals … Continue reading

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Here comes the county budget

Considering how gloom-and-doomy the reports have been, this is downright sunny. Commissioners Court today will consider a $1.4 billion budget that cuts spending by about 3.2 percent from the fiscal year that ended on Feb. 28. The spending blueprint does … Continue reading

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Descendants of Olivewood

I got an email the other day about Descendants of Olivewood, a 501 (c) organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the historic Olivewood cemetery, and thought it was worth passing along. From the site: Nestled against a bend … Continue reading

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