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The Texas Stadium geological survey

When Texas Stadium went boom, in addition to providing space for transit-oriented development, the explosion itself provided the opportunity to do a seismological study of the area. Dr. Jay Pulliam is a professor of geophysics at Baylor University and one … Continue reading

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Bye-bye, Texas Stadium

It went boom on Sunday morning. More than 38 years of football and entertainment memories came crashing down Sunday morning when 11-year-old Casey Rogers pushed the button that set off 2,715 pounds of dynamite, leveling Texas Stadium in less than … Continue reading

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This implosion is brought to you by…

Only in Dallas… Texas Stadium will come down this spring in a “Cheddar Explosion.” That’s the name that Kraft Foods has given to its promotional campaign for the implosion of the iconic structure. In its last act of 2009, the … Continue reading

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