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Weekend link dump for May 24

Hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day weekend. Yet another reason to disbelieve Selena Roberts. David Dewhurst: Not the hardest working man in the Capitol. A little nuance on that Gallup poll that claims more people are now “pro-life”. If it … Continue reading

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Westpark zealots try to pull a fast one

Just yesterday, the Chron wrote an editorial about how everything was coming up roses and daffodils for Metro lately, thanks to some federal funding (with more in the pipeline) for the light rail expansion and a generally favorable political climate. … Continue reading Continue reading

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City takes aim at more SOBs

Eight months ago, the city of Houston succeeded in closing down a strip club, its first such victory after finally getting a favorable verdict in the lawsuit to overturn the 1997 ordinance that more strictly regulated sexually-oriented businesses. They’re now … Continue reading

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Graduation rates

According to one study, a little more than half of HISD’s high school freshmen ultimately graduate. Despite dozens of commencement ceremonies planned for the next two weeks, only 58.5 percent of Houston-area students who should be graduating will be earning … Continue reading Continue reading

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“Just do the test”

Grits points to this NYT article about the next phase of the battle between prosecutors and inmates over innocence claims and DNA testing. I agree with Grits – if some defendants are embarking on fishing expeditions, I say let them … Continue reading

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