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Draft Willingham report is out

Postcards: A draft report issued today by the Texas Forensic Science Commission on the evidence used to convict and execute Cameron Todd Willingham focuses on training and education initiatives for fire investigators and makes several suggestions for continued improvement for … Continue reading

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HISD lays off teachers, discusses school closures

We knew this was coming. There may yet be more of it to come. Officials with the Houston Independent School District announced Tuesday that about 730 teachers have been notified they won’t have jobs next year — because of budget … Continue reading

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More on the effects of cuts to health and human services

Most of this should be familiar to us by now. Deep spending cuts in the recently passed House budget would profoundly change the state’s medical system, placing tens of thousands of Texans in the difficult position of finding alternate care … Continue reading

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Doggett Amendment repealed as part of budget-shutdown deal

Oh, the things that can happen in the dark of night. In a victory for Gov. Rick Perry, the most recent Congressional budgetary stopgap — passed Friday night to avoid closing the federal government — contains language that repeals the … Continue reading

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Outdoors legislative update

This is about the time of year when Shannon Thompkins, the Chron’s outdoor sports writer, devotes a column to what’s going on in the Legislature with bills that are about outdoor activities. I always look for them because he writes … Continue reading

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Texas blog roundup for the week of April 11

The Texas Progressive Alliance reminds you that it does not shut down as it brings you this week’s blog roundup.

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