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Friday random ten: A few of my favorite things

When I embarked on that project to listen to every song in my iTunes library in alphabetical order, one of the purposes was to assign a star rating to each song. I kept it simple: Three stars was the default, … Continue reading

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It’s Williams on Williams time again

I would not call it a good thing to come out of the updated interim maps since there’s a good chance one of these jokers will get elected, but for those of you with a morbid fascination with sideshows, the … Continue reading

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News flash: The voter ID law will do exactly what it was intended to do

And that is to make it harder to vote. Mostly for the poor, the elderly, college students, and minorities. This is a feature, not a bug. The state’s contested voter ID law could provoke widespread complications in the upcoming presidential … Continue reading

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Feeding the homeless

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this. Mayor Annise Parker is asking the council to adopt rules that would require organizations and people who feed the homeless to register with the city, take a food safety class, prepare … Continue reading

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Stimulate the economy with marriage equality

‚ÄčIf New York can do it… New York City made quite a bit of money on gay marriage — 200,000 bucks, in fact. Cash flow into the city’s marriage bureau shot up since August, when same-sex nups got enacted, according … Continue reading

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