Interview with Stephanie Morales

Stephanie Morales

After redistricting, there is at this time one swing State House district in Harris County, and that’s HD138. HD133 was closer in 2020 at the Presidential level, but no other Dem statewide candidate did better than 44%. HD132 is a notch or two behind, and no other district is close. If there’s one seat to flip, it’s this one where Stephanie Morales is running against freshman incumbent Lacey Hull. Morales, who was one of the first Dem candidates out there this cycle, is a former assistant District Attorney in Harris County who now runs her own criminal and juvenile defense firm. She’s been a substitute teacher in HISD and a volunteer for Rodeo Houston, and was a member of the Texas A&M Fighting Aggie band, which I as a longtime Rice MOBster respect. Here’s the interview:


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As always, everything you could want to know about the Democratic candidates can be found at the Erik Manning spreadsheet.

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